While in Los Angeles as press for Disney at the #ThorRaganrokEvent, we got a chance to interview Karl Urban

Press group for the Karl Urban interview #ThorRaganrokEvent

Photo Credit: Allison Waken

I did not expect for Karl Urban to be so amazing.  I mean, not only is he a talented actor, he is a perfect gentleman.  He walked in the room and went row by row shaking our hands.  He immediately became my favorite Thor: Ragnarok actor.  We were all so impressed, we talked about it the whole day.

Karl Urban entering the room at the Thor Raganrok- Press Junket

Photo Credit: Allison Waken

He was consistent with throughout the interview.  He was funny, charming, and a joy to interview.  Playing Asgardian Skurge (or otherwise known as the Executioner in the comics) in the film, with a tattooed shaved head alongside Cate Blanchette’s goddess of death, Hela – Karl Urban easily held our attention as he shared his Thor: Ragnarok experience.

Karl Urban as The Executioner with Hela in Thor: Raganrok

Photo Credit: Marvel Studios

After going through the interview, I took some time to pick out the most impactful quotes or actionable advice that resonated with me.  These takeaways are what make interviews so rewarding.  I whole heartedly believe in experiential learning, by doing and making your share of mistakes along the way.  I also believe in learning from the experiences of others.  Here are my favorite takeaways from the interview with Karl Urban



I believe in recognizing those who recognize others. By doing so, we are sending a signal that kind and sincere acknowledgement of credit is something to be valued.  When asked if a lot of the movie was improvised, and if he could talk a little about it, he immediately gave credit to Marvel and Taika.

“Allegedly. Full credit to Marvel, they hired a director in Taika who has a very strong comedic style and sensibility and they actually let him do his job.  There was already a brilliant foundation in the script and we would shoot a couple of versions of what was on the page and then shoot a wealth of material that Taika quite frankly just made up.  You’d be in the middle of a take and he’d be, “oh why don’t you say this line”.  It was actually kind of liberating.  You felt comfortable in that there was no such thing as a bad choice. There was nothing precious about it.  I think that really afforded everybody a wonderful freedom to fully explore all the options.” 


Karl Urban being interviewed for Thor: Raganrok

Photo Credit: Allison Waken



There was a time when I found it difficult to celebrate the success of others around me when I was working so hard to excel.  A friend once told me, “when God blesses someone it means that the line is moving.”  It was a huge breakthrough for me when I realized that the success of those around me was to my benefit…it meant that the line is moving, and I am closer to being next.  Clearly Karl Urban understands the principal as well. When asked if the premiere was his first time watching the movie and how did it make him feel, his response showed gratitude and a tremendous amount of enthusiasm.

“Yes! I feel so blessed.  It was such a pleasurable experience to not only see the film with friends and colleagues but to see the film with an audience who were thoroughly entertained.  Again, you have to give full credit to Taika and Marvel for really producing a film that I think reboots Thor in a wonderful healthy positive way.  And I’m so happy for Chris that he’s actually finally been given the opportunity to spread his wings.  I think that this film showcases his complete full potential.  Everyone was allowed to bring it.”


Karl Urban - Thor Raganrok interview

Photo Credit: Allison Waken



He said it not me, but I agree.  Well, he didn’t say “life” is boring, he said the “movie”. But I think he meant to say life. LOL! But seriously, women are wives, mothers, sisters and friends.  Nature is defined as a woman, she’s Mother Nature.  We have the ability to carry other humans inside of our body, that is absolutely amazing and phenomenal. 

Karl’s answer was perfect when asked, “Chicks are awesome and were fighting against everything, what does that mean for you? Since this is a movie that younger people are watching, is that important for you? Cate and Tessa?” He answered,

“It’s imperative.  I think it would have been a boring movie without them.  To think, Cate and Tessa are so wonderful in this film, they are my favorite parts of the movie and I love seeing Tessa’s swagger.  I love the journey of her character from the dark place that she was in to redemption, to reclaiming herself with her identity.”

“I thought it was a strong compelling journey.  And I had such a wonderful time working with Cate Blanchett.  To be perfectly honest, she was the reason I decided to do this movie, it was the opportunity to work with Cate Blanchett.  I read that script and saw that ninety percent of my material was with her, I’m like where do I sign up?  How much do I pay you?”

I often have deep thoughts on life and what living life means to me. What makes my life meaningful?  With exception of my family, close friends, and Sonny and Cher Barbie….I am most happy when I am fully present and mindful. When I am encouraging and acknowledging others, showing gratitude and thanksgiving for what I’ve been given, and when I am in the presence of great girlfriends. 

Karl’s perspective applies directly to my life.  I want to be a mom that leads by example. I want to teach my son to give credit where credit is due.  I want him to see my gratefulness, and adopt it as his own. I want him to want the best for others and celebrate them when they get it.  I want him to appreciate and respect women, knowing that we are delicate nurtures of life.

Friends, the #ThorRaganrokEvent has taken me on an amazing journey.  I never imagined that I would learn so much, and develop such an appreciation for the movie beyond my love for Thor himself.  I am truly grateful!

How has Karl Urban’s perspective impacted you? What are your takeaways from his interview? Please share your thoughts, I would love to hear from you!


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