Finding fulfillment in life isn’t easy it is something the majority of us struggle with our entire lives. Unfortunately, there isn’t one magic trick that will help everyone find fulfillment; even if you are on the path towards it, life has a way of making it messy. But, it is possible to find fulfillment in life with a lot of introspection and dedication.

What Will Make You Feel Fulfilled?

Before you can get started, you need to figure out what would make you feel fulfilled. Is it realizing a childhood dream, or maybe you dream of the perfect cottagecore lifestyle.  Living in a cottage in the woods and growing all your food? This step might take years to figure out; if that’s the case, that is perfectly ok. If you aren’t sure where to start, you might want to begin by listing everything you do on average daily. This includes things like commuting and even what you eat. Then next to each of those things, write down if you love it, hate it, or it doesn’t impact you either way. Keep doing that until you better understand what matters to you.

Don’t forget to think beyond your job. Today, so much is about working that we often equate happiness and fulfillment with how our job makes us feel. It might be that working isn’t where you find fulfillment, and it could be the thing keeping you from seeing it. You may not be able to quit your job, perhaps work towards retiring early or something else that means you don’t have to sit in traffic 10 hours a week.

Find Your Passion

Find what you’re passionate about, but don’t immediately try to monetize it. I have repeatedly seen it; people decide to start a business in a field they love.  Thanks to the stress and the work, they end up hating what they were once passionate about. Instead, look for a passion and then enjoy it for yourself. Maybe it’s perfecting your Grandma’s buttermilk biscuit recipe and eating it with dinner daily.  Perhaps your love fosters kittens while they look for their forever homes. Find what makes your heart sing.


If what will bring you fulfillment in life is something big and unreachable right now, try to find other ways to practice it in your everyday life. If you dream of owning a farm, then maybe start with a small garden on your balcony and learn to cook from scratch. Not only will you be getting skills you can use when you get your farm, but you’ll also be saving a bit of money to help you realize that goal. Don’t be afraid to attend classes where you’ll learn new skills. These are the sorts of things that will help you feel closer to fulfillment while you’re stuck waiting for it to happen.

Never Give Up

Never give up on finding fulfillment. Keep trying even if you don’t know what will make you feel fulfilled. Try out new things, spend a week on a farm or spend your vacation living like a digital nomad. See life from other angles and see which ones stick. You might just be surprised by what grabs you. Also, don’t forget that what we want from life can change over time. Our dreams for our lives when we were 18 may not necessarily still be our dreams when we’re 25, 35, or 55. We change and grow as people. If you spend time exploring an old dream only to find it isn’t what you wanted, after all, it isn’t wasted time, that’s an essential part of the journey of self-discovery, and it will help you figure out what it is that will bring you that sense of fulfillment that you’re chasing after.

Keep in mind that fulfillment in life isn’t easy for anyone. It will take you years of hard work and dedication to finding it. But when you do, it will have been worth every moment. Don’t be afraid to try something; you never know when you’ll discover that was what you were meant to be doing all along.