I did not realize how critically early childhood education was until I had my son.  Starting kids off on the right foot is incredibly important for the development of the rest of their lives. There are some amazing, lifelong benefits of early childhood education that can sometimes be difficult to see. But there have been several studies conducted around the world that looked at those who receive early education and those that don’t.


Early Education Benefit – Socialization

It’s important for children to leave the safety of their homes and interact with other people. It helps them overcome shyness and make friends more easily. They also get the skills necessary to express themselves, learn to listen to others, sharing, and the idea of accountability. Children also learn what is and isn’t socially acceptable before they go to school. All of these things will help them get a head start on life.


Early Education Benefit – Confidence

One thing that is almost universal amongst all the different types of early childhood education is their focus on building a child’s confidence. By having positive interactions with teachers and their peers young children are gaining confidence in themselves, their words, and how they approach problems. It will also help them develop a lifelong passion for learning which ties closely to their confidence. This confidence and curiosity will carry them through school and help them excel. This is something that will stick with them for the rest of their lives.


Early Education Benefit – Improving Attention Spans

Children who start learning early have greater attention spans than those who do not. They learn how to concentrate on a problem, follow directions, and take part in group activities as well as working independently. These help them succeed in school, college, and beyond.


Early Education Benefit – Increased Vocabulary

Early childhood education helps children increase their vocabulary by getting them familiar with words and their meanings as well as the process of learning them. This process can be harder for older children to learn and as a result, they end up struggling with a reduced vocabulary, something that will stick with them for life.


Early Education Benefit – Preparing Kids for School

Children who start their education early are less likely to need special ed and remedial classes because they’ve had a head start on learning. They’re also more likely to finish high school and college. Plus all of the things I’ve already mentioned. Every one of those things helps prepare kids for school.


Early Education Benefit – Lower Crime Rates

Long term studies that have followed children from their youngest years through adulthood have shown some very interesting things, like for instance the fact that it reduces crime rates. This is because many crimes and other social problems like dropout rates are tied to low skill levels and social ability. Children have been proven less likely to experience social behavior issues if they’ve been through early childhood education.


Early Education Benefit – Increased Income

The same studies that have shown a reduced amount of crime in those who receive early childhood education also show that the amount they earn in adulthood can increase by 1.3 to 3.5 percent. This is often more than the actual cost of the education to begin with. In fact, some studies have shown that every dollar invested in early childhood education generates $7 in the future. This is massive not only for the children and the children of those children but for the country as a whole.

If you are considering preschool for your kiddo, I wholeheartedly agree with it.  It’s make a huge difference and has several great proven benefits.  Share your early education story with us, I would love to hear from you.