Hey there! I’m LaToyia, the Motivated Mom. I help moms create strategies for success to live a healthy life of purpose, in abundance, and financially free by offering motivational, inspirational, and educational content that allows them to fund their dreams to be great women and extraordinary moms without compromising their family life.

My philosophy is: being a great woman is essential to being an extraordinary mom. Our children deserve for us to be great women – their super sheroes, and extraordinary moms – remarkable examples of how valuable they are.

After nearly 20 years as a nonprofit and fundraising professional, traveling to further the mission of individuals and nonprofit organizations, one conversation with my son, or the lack thereof, changed my focus.  He said, “Mommy, talk to me with your eyes.” I immediately shifted my attention to him, and the look in his eyes inspired me to become a motivated mom. 

Becoming a mom is my greatest accomplishment, and my most challenging assignment.

After teaching a parenting class on parent engagement, I coined myself as the Motivated Mom; launched a four city tour – The Motivated Moms Tour, and started this blog. Being a mom blogger gives me an opportunity to examine myself, face my fears, overcome my obstacles, and share those experiences with you.  

You will find content that will motivate, educate, and inspire you to be a GREAT WOMAN and an EXTRAORDINARY MOM, derived from my top five passions from The Passion Test, which are:

  1. Living a healthy and whole life united with my family
  2. Serving God with a willing heart to do His perfect will for my life
  3. Thoroughly enjoying my marriage to my husband
  4. Being a consistently engaged mom to my son
  5. Living abundantly and financially free

Motivational support has the ability to encourage, make us smile, lift us up, motivate, teach us, and help us live our best life.  My goal with The Motivated Moms’ Movement is to spark that motivational feeling to equip you to live your best life for you and children.

I was born in Illinois, but raised in California. I am giving, strategic but carefree, smart and fun, simple yet complicated, a lover of people. I’m an advocate for children and Jesus Christ.  I thoroughly enjoy Andre (my hubby), Chance (my son), roller skating, Bikram yoga, and reading.

I’m thankful that you want to get to know me a little better. I would love the opportunity to get to you know you too. To be a source of motivation, inspiration and education as we travel through the journey of life. Let’s do it!