Life has become a bit of a mess and good hacks are needed right now. For parents, it may even feel overwhelming –– keeping the kids busy during the summer, figuring out how to homeschool, trying to work a full-time job from home, all while keeping the house clean.

Finding better ways to keep your house clean especially during this pandemic is so important.  I’m a fan of hacks that not only work, but make life so much simplier for me as a busy mom.  

I think utlizing ways to recycyle items is super helpful as well.  Hacks to keep bugs away or clean the house is right up my ally, I hope it helps you too.

In all of this, finding small ways to simplify daily life can make a huge difference. That’s why ApartmentGuide created an infographic with quick hacks you can use every day at home. Check it out below! 

LaToyia, The Motivated Mom