January is the time for setting new goals and reaching for the stars. Whether you did what you wanted to in 2018 or not, it is over. There are new horizons to conquer, new mountains to climb, and they are all waiting for you. Writing down your goals is one of the best ways to ensure that you are going to meet them. Don’t just keep them in your head. Sit down with a piece of paper and get to work putting those ideas together with a plan to accomplish them. Are you having difficulty thinking of a goal to set? Fear not, here are some great suggestions for the types of goals you should be setting this year.




A Self-Care Goal


Self-care isn’t something that we think of as a goal, but it definitely should be. We put our financial goals, our business goals, and even other people’s goals ahead of the commitment that we owe to ourselves. Be certain to add to your list of goals some type of self-care goal. Whether that means a monthly spa visit, a cooking class, or even just a night to soak in your bathtub once per week, set a goal to commit to self-care. You’ll never regret an investment you made in yourself.  Speaking of…mark your calendars for The Motivated Mom Retreat, you don’t want to miss this mom-cation September 13-15, 2019!


Commit to Protecting Your Time


People are all too willing to find something to do with your time if you don’t determine what you are going to do with it. There is always someone waiting around the corner to “pick your brain” or take you for a coffee and a chat. Rarely do you find those same people coming to your aid when you need assistance.  Make a goal this year to protect your time from people who are expecting to absorb all of your energy for their own personal gain. This isn’t something that you should feel guilty about. Protecting your time and your peace isn’t just a good self-care practice, it is also leaving you with more energy to put into your own business, which is just what you deserve.


Giving as a Goal


What do you care about most? Is there any cause that you support? Prioritize one cause this year, and make it a point to give to it. All year long there are people who are in need of help, so you won’t be at loss for a goal. Giving is good for the soul, and as you draw attention to a cause by getting involved, the people who you care about will see that and perhaps even join you. This is how we can affect positive change in our circles of influence. Be the change you want to see this year. I can use your support at A Chance to Learn, we are gearing up for Camp S.M.A.R.T. Kid, an 8-week summer learning camp for 3-year old’s through 2nd grade.


A Goal That Feels Slightly Unattainable


Don’t set the bar too low. When you are setting a goal, it is easy to pick something that you feel you can easily attain. It is good to select goals that you can reach but remember this: you also want to grow this year. Be certain to select a goal that you think you may not be able to achieve. This will make you have to stretch and grow this year and give you a whole new level to start at for the next year.


Do Something Completely New


Sometimes we get into ruts because we do the same types of things year in and year out. We want to be growing and changing into the best versions of ourselves always. Pick one thing that you have always wanted to do and never done. Do you want to commit to trying several different types of cuisine? Do you want to travel internationally? Do you want to cut your hair short? Give yourself a goal of doing something that seems completely out of character for yourself. You’ll feel completely relieved.

Your new year is here! Don’t be afraid of goal setting. Give yourself several types of goals and go GET them.