The Motivated Mom “What Motivates You” Retreat Is two days full of fabulous fun, inspiration, relaxation, motivation, and pampering for Moms.  Designed to celebrate the Extraordinary Mom in each of us, the entrepreneur mom, working mom, stay-at-home mom, or aspiring mom representing different socioeconomic backgrounds, education, and cultures will gather together to participate in this empowering experience. 

The Motivated Mom “What Motivates You” Retreat connects moms to the world of relaxation in a way that is rewarding and not guilt ridden.  You will enjoy engaging and interactive workshops featuring some of your favorite speakers, authors and bloggers – around entertainment, education, wealth building, beauty, health & wellness, and parent engagement. 

During these two days, you will learn how to: 

·         Live a more intentional life (and become an example for your children to do the same)

·         Build better relationships with yourself, mate, kids and community

·         Invest in self-care without guilt

·         Budget and build wealth based on your family’s current income

·         Identify your passion and life’s purpose

·         Establishing healthy eating and exercise habits

·         Establish healthy boundaries in sex and dating

·         Be more engaged in your child’s education

·         And much more!


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