In January 2016 while attending an event, a two-part question was posed to a panel of amazingly beautiful women. It was “why do women shrink, and explain a time when you shrank.  The question hit me so hard. I felt like they were asking me, as if no other women were in the room. 

Moments when I shrank flooded my mind. It was the most vivid memories ever. Like the time when I was invited to a meeting with what could have been a huge client.  I had a solid plan completely prepared to present. I didn’t speak up so I didn’t get the opportunity. 

Or the time when I was in a room with key decision makers about a project but didn’t share my knowledge in the moment so I missed out on a chance to manage the foundation of an A-list celebrity. 

Then there was the moment when I was given an opportunity to speak on a huge platform but I recommended someone else for the job.  The funny thing is, that person did not hesitate or encourage me to do it….they took their opportunity.  I did not have the right people around me encouraging me to stretch and rise to the occasion and follow my dreams. 

There are countless others but I now refuse to let moments like that pass me by again. I want to be my best self and help others do the same.  Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever shrunk in a moment of opportunity and regretted it later?

I don’t know about you but I am over shrinking. Starting now, I am determined to end my shrinking streak. I will rise to the occasion of my life and opportunities given to me. And I’d like to invite you to join me. Here’s the plan:

First, we stop holding back our greatness in order to make others feel comfortable.  That’s right, give yourself permission to shine.  This isn’t done overnight, we will create a laser-focused plan to take control of our story, follow your dreams, and achieve the success you envisioned by being your authentic self.  


Then, be authentically, unapologetically your big, bold, bad to the bone self.  We have earned the right not to allow another person’s unhappiness make us feel small. 


Finally, surround our self with people that will encourage us to grow, not those who seeks to limit our potential and keep us stagnant.  



Don’t shrink, do the best you can with what you have available.  You decide what your best life looks like.  You assume the role of director in your life, and live out your most meaningful life story.

Are you ready to stop shrinking? Today is the day to stop shrinking and start being the best version of yourself. Please share how you are releasing smallness, and living up to your full potential.