“Your gift will make room for you.” 

What does that mean, and what was God trying to tell me?

Since they day I became a mom I’ve wanted more than ever to work from home, using my gift to serve others. I wanted the opportunity to make my own schedule, spend quality time as a mom and earn a living. 

Although I had worked for myself before, with the new responsibility of a child I felt that I needed to do more to ensure that I would be able to earn a consistent paycheck as a mompreneur.

Six years and a few jobs later, I took the leap. It was one of the most difficult decisions that I’ve made, and one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever given myself. There were a lot of factors that made my decision easy, like:

  • health-related issues,
  • lack of fulfillment,
  • and the feeling of complacency

I realized that my health had to be a priority to me first, and nothing was worth risking it.  I am a passionate person, I want to know that I am making a real difference.  Having a sense of fulfillment is very important to me.

Passion Makes Complacency Uncomfortable

Then there is my desire to live the life that I believe I was created for. I believe passion makes complacency uncomfortable, when you live your gift and do what you love…you thrive.

But the number one reason was that I wanted to be a fully engaged mom, own my time, follow my dreams and stop working for money. 

I am nearly two years in, and I realized that I’m still working for money. You’re probably thinking…don’t we all? No, well I certainly hope not. 

My goal is to do what I love…

…and get paid for doing it. Working for money for me means that I don’t necessarily want to do what I’m being paid to do. I’m doing it out of an obligation for a paycheck. 

Have you ever worked for money?

It’s the hardest thing in the world for me to do. 

When I was a child my grandmother always said that she believed that I could do anything. She always complimented me on my ability to make a decision and go for it.  Well, if you know me… then you know that my grandmother’s words are right under the Holy Bible to me.  

A few weeks ago, I started thinking about the conversation that I would’ve had with my grandmother about my situation if she were alive. How we’d sit on the sofa drinking coffee, or she’d have me playing in her hair. She loved to do both, and we would just talk for hours. Sooner or later, she would tell me to pray about it. And before I knew it, we would be off to the horse races. Seriously, that was a real day with her, she was the best. 

Your Gift Will Make Room For You

So, I took her advice, I prayed. It was the shortest, most heartfelt prayer I think I’ve ever prayed. I simply said “do it for me, God” and I whispered “amen”.  A few short days later I heard Joel Olsteen say “your gifts will make room for you” (Proverbs 18:16) on his television broadcast. A week later, a friend responded to one of my posts saying “your gift will make room for you” on Facebook. 

Your gift will make room for you.

Proverbs 18:16 – A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.

I was starting to get the hint, and it hit me during one of my coaching session with Elayna. She was talking to me about my passions, and suddenly I began to understand exactly how God was answering my prayer.

My gifts will make room for me to close the door to those things that do not align with my core passions and who I am becoming, and allow opportunities that will bring me into a place of wealth. A place that is not determined by a dollar, but by the difference that I make in the lives of others by doing what I am created for, what I am purposed and passionate about doing.

Allow opportunities that will bring you in a place of wealth

You see, this is the opposite of working for money, right?  To me this is when your “work” is combined with your “ministry” and you are living out of your gift.

You’re right if you are thinking it doesn’t happen overnight. I have made a lot of progress, but I still have a lot to learn. But with hard work, dedication, faith and the belief that you can…it doesn’t have to take long. Your gifts will make room for you!

Are you working for money? If so, please share the steps you must take in order to live your life on purpose, in abundance and financially free.  I would love to hear from you. Please share this with others that may need to activate their gifts as well.